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The focus of the Lifeed Biological has been set on the Research, development and application. The main item of the factory is to make the high-purity Bacillus substills (Bs.) micro-ecological feed additives, which can be utilized in the feeding procedures of the poultries, livestocks and aquacultures. In the other way, we also can apply the high efficiency fermentation procedure and desirable Bs. raw material powder (1.0×1011~1012CFU per gram) based on the strain supported by the customers as an ODM or OEM fermentation manufacturer.



Main composition:

Bacillus subtilis(Bs.), 1.0×1011, 2.0×1011, 5.0×1011 CFU per gram etc.


1.Summary: regulating the animal gut micro-ecological balance, protecting the animal gut health and reducing the diarrhea; improving the feed conversion ratio and the growing efficiency of the animal; reducing the secretion of the harmful material, improving the living environment of the animal such as air, water and others; improving the quality of the animal products.

2.Layers: improving the egg quality and the laying efficiency or the average weight, lengthening the layering period.

3.Broilers: improving the FCR value and the final body weight, resolving the common problems in the feeding procedure such as over-feed and diarrhea, and reduce the mortal and eliminating ratios in the feeding procedure.

4.Swine: improving the FCR value and the final body weight, resolving the common problems in the feeding procedure such as diarrhea disease in the piglets and low growing efficiency of the growing period.

5.Ruminants: improving the body condition, improving the lactation and milk quality, reducing the harmful secretion.

6.Aquacultures: improving the gut health and reducing the happening of the gut diseases, improving the average performance and the water quality.


Utilization: (based on the 1.0×1010 CFU/g product in the compound feed)

1.Feed supplemation:




Suckers, sows


Ruminants (concentration)











2.Aqua-feeding pool cleaning: (special cleaning product)

50~70 gram per 1,000 m2, twice per month.


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